Wasserspeichermatte WSM 150 | Schutzmatten, -vliese | Gründach | Produkte | Ruhe & Weber Profishop

Unverrottbare, thermofixierte Nadelvliesmatte aus Mischfasern verwendbar als Wasserspeichermatte unter Dachbegrünungen, speziell für geneigte Däche…

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  1. Sarah, your post is on point! It’s been disheartening to see people think this will all blow over soon and how we will all go back to normal. The new normal will be a huge adjustment we all have to make to make this world a much better place. I’m with you, with all the people you thanked. I couldn’t agree with you more. It hurts me to hear how people are doingunnecessary shoppingjust to get out. This foolish practice will eventually hurt all of our hospitals and the people putting their life on the line for the greed of others. Your motto of: “6 feet apart or 6 feet under” was to the point! Thank you for the wonderful message you shared. It truly shows the good human you are inside and out. And I’m so happy to see you are raising three lovely children who will follow your genuine footsteps into a positive roll this world needs.Thank you for taking time to read my thoughts, and thank you for your input, DJ. It’s surreal. But like you said, “together” we will all get through this.

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